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New to the reviews. nice work on it the lighting was a good especially on the tail surprised on how you possition it though but its mak...

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Ash's unova Journey my version chapter 25
Chapter 25:  Litwik and the haunted mansion
   We join our heros as they are still traveling thourhg the forest area as they are heading to Nimbassa city and the site of Ash's next but troulbing weather is brewing for our hero's.
Misty: those clouds in the sky doesn't seem to be a good sign
Ash: well since we had a dry spell for the last few days here in the forest i can understand why
Snivy: Heat or not snivy's aren't that great in rain even if we are grass types
Pikachu: And that goes for pikachu too
Ash: Hey brock is there anything close by that we can go to so these two won't complain about the rain.
Brock: *while holding the map* According to the map there should be an abandon mansion nearby where we can stop and wait out the storm if it comes
As they can see the dark clouds starting to cover the sky more and more as they can tell by the winds and the smell in the air that it was coming. As it started to rain.
Ash: Man rotten luck
Brock: We are not far lets go
As th
:iconmgunnels3:mgunnels3 2 0
Espeon and froakie plush such a cute couple by mgunnels3 Espeon and froakie plush such a cute couple :iconmgunnels3:mgunnels3 1 12
A promise kept Ash's johto journey chapter 4
   Chapter 4 (for real): A sappy tree tale
We join our hero's as they make their way to cherrygrove city and then violet city the site of ash's first gym battle as they walked their way through a foresty area that is near a small river stream. As it looks like most of the forest is like it was demolished either that or winter has hit the area.
Misty: Are we near cherrygrove city anytime soon Brock
Brock: According to the map we should be there by the end of the day as long as we go this path
Misty: you said that an hour ago
Ash: What's the matter misty your freaking out more than usual
Misty: We're in the forest area what do you think Ash
Brock: Well your not gonna like a gym that's coming up according to the guidbook
Misty: Please don't be the next one
Brock: Its after the next gym actually but its a bit of away from here
Misty: *sighs* As long as they don't go near me i'm fine
Brock: Speaking of which doesn't this forest look kinda of empty to you guys
As they look around a
:iconmgunnels3:mgunnels3 3 8
Serperior by mgunnels3 Serperior :iconmgunnels3:mgunnels3 4 0 Amphy using thunderpunch One year request drawing by mgunnels3 Amphy using thunderpunch One year request drawing :iconmgunnels3:mgunnels3 3 4 Sceptile One year request drawing by mgunnels3 Sceptile One year request drawing :iconmgunnels3:mgunnels3 3 0 Mega lucario pokemon art academy by mgunnels3 Mega lucario pokemon art academy :iconmgunnels3:mgunnels3 8 2 Zoroark Pokemon art academy by mgunnels3 Zoroark Pokemon art academy :iconmgunnels3:mgunnels3 9 0 Xerneas Pokemon art academy by mgunnels3 Xerneas Pokemon art academy :iconmgunnels3:mgunnels3 1 0 Greninja art academy by mgunnels3 Greninja art academy :iconmgunnels3:mgunnels3 5 55 Charizard clone pokemon art academy by mgunnels3 Charizard clone pokemon art academy :iconmgunnels3:mgunnels3 3 4
A promise Kept Ash's johto Journey chapter 3
Chapter 3: A new rival enters a pokemon team fan
   We join our hero's as they make route to Ash's next goal Violet city and the cite of Ash's next gym battle along with a new pokemon that joined Ash's team as they started to enjoy a nice lunch as the newest member was getting to know the team.
Pikachu: So totodile what made you deside to join Ash and not go with the trainer that was gonna have you.
Totodile: *Looks down and sighs* I've seen many pokemon that came from the lab who were specifically choosen to be with a trainer and many hated it including me.
Bulbasaur: I can understand after all i've knew a few
Totodile: Its not good cause many don't go through what most starters should allow the new trainer to choose while i didn't mind that i'm somewhat glad i didn't get choosen by the one who chikorita was.
Squirtle: So Chikorita is a grass type starter like bulbasaur right
Totodile: Yes and I'm aware your the kanto starters as i've only seen you in Elm's studies.
:iconmgunnels3:mgunnels3 4 0
Espeon Pastel drawing by mgunnels3 Espeon Pastel drawing :iconmgunnels3:mgunnels3 6 29 Fletchling Pastel drawing by mgunnels3 Fletchling Pastel drawing :iconmgunnels3:mgunnels3 3 0 Eevee Pastel Drawing by mgunnels3 Eevee Pastel Drawing :iconmgunnels3:mgunnels3 11 9 Snivy Pastel drawing by mgunnels3 Snivy Pastel drawing :iconmgunnels3:mgunnels3 6 0


Elegant Servine by Nickental Elegant Servine :iconnickental:Nickental 19 7 Dewott TF by Elgusar-Wolf Dewott TF :iconelgusar-wolf:Elgusar-Wolf 31 28 solemnity by honorgurdsman144 solemnity :iconhonorgurdsman144:honorgurdsman144 31 182 Ojimori phone wallpaper by JollyThinker Ojimori phone wallpaper :iconjollythinker:JollyThinker 28 4 Ojimori the shiny snivy by JollyThinker Ojimori the shiny snivy :iconjollythinker:JollyThinker 38 5 ALGEBRA EEVEE by kingster333 ALGEBRA EEVEE :iconkingster333:kingster333 8 94 Glaceon X Jolteon by DarkrexS Glaceon X Jolteon :icondarkrexs:DarkrexS 88 28 For Sicam by Modeerfwon For Sicam :iconmodeerfwon:Modeerfwon 4 3 Ojimori, play dead! by JollyThinker Ojimori, play dead! :iconjollythinker:JollyThinker 34 13 Pokemon-Snivy by Hellpug Pokemon-Snivy :iconhellpug:Hellpug 23 4 Luxray TF Act 4 by Nearu-Senpai Luxray TF Act 4 :iconnearu-senpai:Nearu-Senpai 87 14 midnight sketch by EmlzT33 midnight sketch :iconemlzt33:EmlzT33 4 0 Popplio by breadcheese444 Popplio :iconbreadcheese444:breadcheese444 22 3 Kurtis Echo Pika Photo by KurtisTheSnivy Kurtis Echo Pika Photo :iconkurtisthesnivy:KurtisTheSnivy 65 14 krookodile by DarkrexS krookodile :icondarkrexs:DarkrexS 54 3 Snivy and salandit by darkwatertopaz Snivy and salandit :icondarkwatertopaz:darkwatertopaz 9 3



everyone's salty over the pokemon direct some aren't but i'm the latter catigory i will say that the new sun and moon game felt like its too soon given its only been out a year but the samething happened with Black 2 and white 2 and those are my favorite games of the entire franchise so we need not to judge until it comes out. Pokenn DX looks promising 
given that i just gotten started into the series with awakening and has been enjoying the series as of what i've play i've been ready for the new 3ds game coming out tomorrow but a season pass really and it costs more than the game 45 bucks and the DLC from the looks of it costs more than the season pass if you buy all 5 (yes 5) dlc and they don't add much to the game aside maps and a exclusive classes but what about new characters, expansion of the story, more weapons something and the most expensive one is almost 15 bucks seriously luckily i'm NOT buying the season pass and when i do my review/thoughts i'm definitely gonna add this to the negatives though how much it will hurt the score will very aside that can't wait for the game when i wake up but Nintendo don't ever go down the route of EA EVER 
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gamer, starting artist, a yugioh card player along with a huge snivy fan i love everything about snivy from appearance, personality, characteristics moves set its evolution etc


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